Plotting Graphs + Bestfit lines

arslanburney at arslanburney at
Fri Jun 13 12:11:31 CEST 2008

Got the problem solved finally. Missed out theses two lines:

    plot1 = Gnuplot.PlotItems.Data(original, title="Original")
    plot2 = Gnuplot.PlotItems.Data(expected, title="Expected")
    plot3 = Gnuplot.PlotItems.Data(actual, title="Acutal")
    plot4 = Gnuplot.PlotItems.Func('%f * x+%f'%(bf1[0],bf1[1]), title
= "Expected Best Fit")
    plot5 = Gnuplot.PlotItems.Func('%f * x+%f'%(bf2[0],bf2[1]), title
= "Actual Best Fit")

The last 2 ones.... thnx nyways

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