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> > Thank's for the reply,
> > Yes, I have to search for the pattern, the bit offset not always the
> > same.
> > for another thing, it's ok if i can fill up with zero at the LSB or
> > discard that byte. (the last byte not important)
>         Sounds suspiciously like an HDLC protocol...
>         You'll likely need to create a library that can extract the properly
> aligned bytes by holding one -- properly shifted -- and fed the next
> byte.
>         In very loose pseudo-code
> detect bit offset
> initialize extractor with first valid byte and offset
> for inbyte in input:
>         outbyte = extract_feed(inbyte)
> where extract_feed() shifts the remainder (or first byte) left by the
> offset (into a 16bit value), adds the new byte, ANDs with an 8-bit mask
> with proper offset, returns left most result byte while also clearing
> the remainder portion
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Thank you for your help, i will try to do something like that.
I did some test about extracting byte with binascii, i will post it


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