Errata competion for the LaTeX Graphics Companion, Second edition --- first winner

thermate2 at thermate2 at
Tue Jun 3 06:24:29 CEST 2008

It is not difficult to predict that your book will soon be scanned and
appear on the khazar site

Even if does not appear there, the khazar site, namely will get it scanned.

Now what gives google the right to scan a book and store it on their
computers ?
Why cant we do it ? Why cant we employ every single argument that
google will concoct to justify this action ?
The fact is that the Israeli hackers are the leaders in all the
copyright violations and have recruited PATSIES from
other races and nationalities to take the crumbs in the more open
forums, while Israeli hackers work in the hiding.

But since this enmasse intellectual property theft (or potential
theft) which is a RTN away, ie one command, not
even a screw away as is alleged for IRAN nuclear crap,

The whole world in implementing SELECTIVE copyright will be CUTTING
their OWN FEET with their OWN HANDS.
There is no way to send US army into Israeli houses and buildings to
check every place and dig every floor for
hard disks containing the intellectual property on google-israel.

The RUBICON has been crossed. The JINNI is out of the bottle. I am
just bringing the argument to the forefront.
Nothing can be done now. Either live with a super race of all
intellectual property in Israel and cut your own feet.
In either case its loss - loss.

On Jun 2, 6:08 am, Frank Mittelbach <frank.mittelb... at latex-> wrote:
> I'm pleased to announce that we have a first winner:
>    Milan Vujtek
> Congratulation to a free book from A-W.
> The number of misprints found so far is rather low, so either we got better
> with this book (my hope :-) but I don't really believe this) or people are
> not sending me the errors they have found. Please do, it helps everybody
> and it might earn you the next prize which will be due in about a year.
> Details of the contest and the current list of errata entries can be found
> at
> There you can also find excerpts from all (or most of all) chapters to give
> you an impression of the books content.
>   (2.9 mb!)
> thanks for participating in the contest (sending in errors benefits all
> readers) and good luck
> frank
> ps there are no plans to translate the book to German, which is why I
> cross-posted to the German de.comp.text.tex rather than announcing a German
> competion

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