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I know this post was OT and is not so "attractive", but someone out there
must know something that could help me, if so, please share!

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> Btw, sorry it is [OT], I forgot to add the prefix, it is really not a post
> tied to the language itself.
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>> Hello list,
>> In a next project of mine, I will need to implement some accounting and
>> financial control. It is not a full ERP, only the basic functions for
>> finances and accounting control. However, I have little to no experience in
>> this business domain (accounting and finances) but I really do need to
>> understand the basic machinery behind it, even if it will take a significant
>> amount of time. What I would like to know is where I could look (besides
>> getting a degree :P) for sample code and documentation for these subjects?
>> Do you think I would need to read some books before I get into code? If so,
>> which ones? For sample code, I was thinking about OpenERP, since I've heard
>> it is a complete ERP solution and it is written in python ;)
>> Really, I'm committed to understand the basiscs of the said business
>> domains, I really need this project to succeed :)
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Marceo.
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