Does the python library of Google Data API is truly free?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Wed Jun 11 22:10:07 CEST 2008

"Kless" <jonas.esp at> wrote in message 
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| All that "free service" has a great price

Just about everything has a price.  The fraudulent 'free' offeres are those 
that charge fees and what not to collect the 'free vacation' or 'free 
money' (which never appears) or whatever.  But I have not heard of Google 
doing that.

Anyone offering free data storage is usually expecting to sell ads or 
premium services.  What to watch out for is a site with hidden or 
later-added claims of ownership over non-trivial amounts of data uploaded 
to a site.  But I don't believe Google does that and don't expect they 
will, since it would kill the good will that they depend on.

So do read Terms of Service.  If you do not agreee, do not check the 
'[]agree' box.  Just leave.

Python is about as free as anything.  The price of using it is the work of 
downloading and installing and the agreement to act civilized and neither 
falsely claim authorship nor sue the provider (PSF) you never paid anything 

Contributors, on the other hand, have to sign a form giving the PSF the 
irrevocable perpetual right to distribute Python with their contributions 
included -- or someting like that.


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