Errata competion for the LaTeX Graphics Companion, Second edition --- first winner

lemnitzer at lemnitzer at
Tue Jun 3 06:09:41 CEST 2008

No one can win it without the basics.

You have first to learn basics. I urge you to go to

and understand the origin of the Khazars as well as listen to Mr
Benjamin Freedman's speeches.

I think the real winners are the KHAZARS. All others are losers.

On Jun 2, 6:08 am, Frank Mittelbach <frank.mittelb... at latex-> wrote:
> I'm pleased to announce that we have a first winner:
>    Milan Vujtek
> Congratulation to a free book from A-W.
> The number of misprints found so far is rather low, so either we got better
> with this book (my hope :-) but I don't really believe this) or people are
> not sending me the errors they have found. Please do, it helps everybody
> and it might earn you the next prize which will be due in about a year.
> Details of the contest and the current list of errata entries can be found
> at
> There you can also find excerpts from all (or most of all) chapters to give
> you an impression of the books content.
>   (2.9 mb!)
> thanks for participating in the contest (sending in errors benefits all
> readers) and good luck
> frank
> ps there are no plans to translate the book to German, which is why I
> cross-posted to the German de.comp.text.tex rather than announcing a German
> competion

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