How to make py2.5 distutil to use VC2005?

甜瓜 littlesweetmelon at
Thu Jun 5 03:40:29 CEST 2008

2008/6/4 Christian Heimes <lists at>:
> 甜瓜 schrieb:
>> Howdy,
>>     This problem have puzzled me for a long time. I usually use
>> python2.5 in Windows, while VC2005 is installed.
>> However python25.lib is compiled by VC2003. When I use disutil to
>> build some C extensions, it complaints that
>> there is no VC2003.
>>     Well, IMO, the format of binary files generated by VC2003 and
>> VC2005 is compatible in most cases. What
>> should I do to workaround this error? I mean, disable distutil
>> complaints and use VC2005 to build C extensions.
>> I have google-ed some discussion related on this topic. It seems that
>> it's real possible!
>>     Thank you in advance.
> It's possible but ill-advised. The free mingw32 compiler can build
> Python extensions just fine. I'm using it all the time to build Python
> 2.5 extensions for Windows.

Yep. Actually, I am using Cython for optimization on some parts of my code.
It indeed needs a good compiler to build binary from Cython scripts. Currently,
I employ MinGW for this task. Therefore I think, if VC2003-compiled python
runtime library can cooperate with MinGW, why not VC2003<->VC2005?

> In the future Python 2.6 and 3.0 are build with my VS 2008 system and
> extensions can be build with the free express version, too.
> Christian
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