Getting up and running with Python on a Mac

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> I've just bought an iMac (OS X 10.5.2, will almost immediately jump to
> 10.5.3), and am looking to install Python on it, and to use it with
	There is no need to install Python. It's distributed with the system.
> XCode, Apple's IDE. Some googling suggests that a number of people
> have had trouble getting Python to run satisfactorily on their Macs.
> This is my first Mac, and I'd appreciate some guidance on what to do
> (and what not to) when installing Python and potential problems to
> keep an eye open for. I want to do a fair bit of scientific /
> numerical computing, so it would seem that SAGE ot the Enthought
> Python distribution would seem to be the most relevant  - I'd
> appreciate your guidance on getting Python to run on a Mac with a
> particular focus on these two distributions.
> Thank you in advance
> Thomas Philips
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