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Thu Jun 12 14:32:13 CEST 2008

David C. Ullrich <dullrich at> wrote:

> Practical question: What's a _complete_ list of the
> escapes included in the "and so forth" in (**)?
> (Or is there a function somewhere that will convert
> r"\remark{Hint}" to r"\\remark{Hint}" for me, and
> do the same for precisely the escpapes referred to
> in the "and so forth"?)

As the documentation says:

Character escapes
Numbered Groups: \0 \1 \2 \3 ...
Named groups: \g<name>
Numbered groups with explicit termination of the number: \g<0> \g<1> ...

But it doesn't matter what the complete list is. All of the escapes start 
with \ so doubling all the \\ will prevent any of them being interpreted as 
special so if you aren't wanting to substitute any groups into the string 
just try repl.replace('\\', r'\\')

Duncan Booth

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