Multiprecision arithmetic library question.

Michael Press rubrum at
Wed Jun 18 20:05:52 CEST 2008

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 Mark Wooding <mdw at> wrote:

> Michael Press <rubrum at> wrote:
> > I already compiled and installed the GNU multiprecision library
> > on Mac OS X, and link to it in C programs. 
> > How do I link to the library from Python? 
> You know that Python already supports multiprecision integer arithmetic,
> right?  If you desperately want GMP, though, there's the gmpy module
> (q.g.).

No, I do not know that. Define desperate. 
Does Python support the extended Euclidean algorithm
and other number theory functions?
How fast does Python multiply?
Not that the latter is particularly important,
as C is built for speed.

I've been fooling around. Ran dir(gmpy), and 
it does not show the full complement of GMP
library functions, such as the various division
functions. e.g. mpz_tdiv_qr.

Michael Press

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