problems with opening files due to file's path

Thomas Morton morton.thomas at
Wed Jun 11 20:21:17 CEST 2008

@Mike and the others yesterday

I did think after I posted that code (the string substitution thing) that it 
might do that. Thanks for clarifying that it was rubbish :P

@ Alexnb

I'm do a lot of support on a community forum that uses Python as it's 
language - I can tell you from experience that posting a chunk of code is 
far easier to disseminate than a text description. As already mentioned the 
fact that there IS a problem/question inherently means there is a missed 
step of understanding. What ends up happening is that we form in our minds 
the code we would use to do what your describing: what you have could be 
totally different :)

Post-da-code :)


From: "Carsten Haese" <carsten.haese at>
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Subject: Re: problems with opening files due to file's path

> Alexnb wrote:
>> Okay, so as a response to all of you, I will be using the Entry() widget 
>> in
>> Tkinter to get this path. and the repr() function just makes all my
>> backslashes 4 instead of just 1, and it still screwes it up with the 
>> numbers
>> and parenthesis is has been since the first post. Oh and I know all about
>> escape characters, (\n,\b,\a,etc.) I can program C, not a lot, but enough 
>> to
>> know that I like python better. Anyway, so far I tried all of your stuff,
>> and it didn't work. infact, it puts backslashes in front of the "'" in 
>> some
>> of the words, such as "I'm" goes to "I\'m." So I posted the code I will 
>> be
>> using if you want to see the Tkinter code I can post it, but I don't see 
>> how
>> it will help.
> Your reluctance to post your code puzzles me. Several people have asked 
> you several times to post your code. We're not doing this to waste your 
> time. In fact, your reluctance to post your code wastes your time and our 
> time by making us guess.
> Seeing your code should enable us to see exactly what the problem is. Your 
> vague descriptions of what's going on are not useful because they are 
> filtered through your inaccurate understanding of what's going on. I mean 
> no offense by this, but if your understanding were accurate, you wouldn't 
> be here asking for help.
> So, if you want us to help you, please humor us and post the actual code 
> that gets the filename from the user and attempts to open the file. Also 
> tell us what input you're entering and the output the code produces.
> --
> Carsten Haese
> --

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