Webpy vs Django?

squishywaffle at gmail.com squishywaffle at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 19:13:43 CEST 2008

> i played with webpy a bit and it is easy to get going with. but django
> seems like once you have it all up and running it will be easier.
> just that the barrier of entry is much higher.

I can't comment on webpy, but yes, Django has a bit more of a learning
curve in some areas, less in others.

> is django worth it? seems so ridicoulusly hard to get it running. i
> run into trouble every time i advance a little, firstin the
> installationa nd now in the tutorial(creating polls).

For a big project, I'd say it's very worth it. The code tends to read
easy, the people are friendly, the documentation is good for an open
source project, and it's on an upward adoption trend.

> what do you think of webpy for big projects that need performance?

No clue. Django seems to be tried-and-true in terms of scalability and
performance, I haven't had to look further.

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