Pylons and memory use?

Joshua Kugler jkugler at
Thu Jun 5 19:26:50 CEST 2008

John Salerno wrote:
> Hi everyone. I was thinking about signing up with a web host that
> supports Pylons (among many other things) and one of the differences
> between the various plans is application memory for long-running
> processes. The plan I'd like to sign up for has 80MB. Does anyone know
> if this is enough for basic Pylons applications?
> Just in general, how exactly can I calculate how much memory a Pylons
> application (or any other type of application, for that matter) will
> require? Is there some general range I might be able to rely on? Does
> 80MB seem like enough for just playing around and hobbyist work?

It would depend on what they define as "long running processes."  If the
Python setup is correct, I would assume that it would be running under
mod_python or FastCGI or some such, and would not be considered a "long
running process" as such.  I would assume the long running process would be
something other than the web app you want running in the back ground. Maybe
a queue processor, or something along those lines.

You may wish to ask for clarification.  Sorry I can't help regarding memory
usage, you may wish to ask in the Pylons IRC channel or on their mailing


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