get keys with the same values

Wolfgang Grafen wolfgang.grafen at
Tue Jun 17 11:18:13 CEST 2008

You could use my mseqdict implementation of a sorted dict.

This method can only be applied when all values of the dictionary are 
immutable. The Python dictionary cannot hold mutable keys! So swap 
doesn't work if only one of the values has the type list or dictionary. 
Tuples and instances of classes are save as long as they don't emulate 
lists or dictionaries.


 >>> x=seqdict.mseqdict(dict)
 >>> x['Bild']='painting'
 >>> x['Ziel']='goal'
 >>> x['Tor'] ='goal'
 >>> x # A small German - English dictionary
['gewinnen', 'deshalb', 'Abend', 'aber', 'Bild', 'Erkennung', 
'Fl\366te', 'Ziel', 'Tor'],
{'Tor': ['goal'], 'Ziel': ['goal'], 'gewinnen': ['gain'], 'deshalb': 
['therefore'], 'Abend': ['evening'], 'aber': ['but'], 'Bild': 
['picture', 'painting'], 'Erkennung': ['recognition'], 'Fl\366te': 

 >>> x.swap()
 >>> x # A small English - German dictionary
['gain', 'therefore', 'evening', 'but', 'picture', 'painting', 
'recognition', 'flute', 'goal'],
{'but': ['aber'], 'recognition': ['Erkennung'], 'painting': ['Bild'], 
'flute': ['Fl\366te'], 'gain': ['gewinnen'], 'goal': ['Ziel', 'Tor'], 
'evening': ['Abend'], 'therefore': ['deshalb'], 'picture': ['Bild']})

Best regards


Nader schrieb:
> Hello,
> I have a dictionary and will get all keys which have the same values.
> d = {('a' : 1), ('b' : 3), ('c' : 2),('d' : 3),('e' : 1),('f' : 4)}
> I will something as :
> d.keys(where their values are the same)
> With this statement I can get two lists for this example:
> l1= ['a','e']
> l2=['b','d']
> Would somebody tell me how I can do it?
> Regards,
> Nader

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