installed 3.0, rebind winprompt to 2.5?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Jun 23 21:40:45 CEST 2008

cirfu wrote:
> i installed python 3.0. now when im laucnhing from the dos prompt in
> win vista it searches in python3.0
> i want to rebind it to 2.5, what do i need to change?

When you install any Python on Windows with the .msi installer, there is 
a box something like
    [x] make this the default Python on this machine.
You apparently did not notice to uncheck it.
You could reinstall 2.5.  You should be able to directly change the file 
association between .py/,pyc and 'open', but I do not know how in Vista. 
  Try the help system or wait for another answer ;-)

PS.  What you call the 'dos prompt' is now called a 'Command Prompt'. 
There is no DOS on nt/xp/vista.


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