File-writing not working in Windows?

Ivan at
Sat Jun 7 15:48:52 CEST 2008

John Machin ?????:
> On Jun 7, 1:18 am, tda... at wrote:
> Assume nothing. Don't believe anyone who says "always". Insert some
> print statements and repr() calls to show what's actually there.
>> I hope however that it's something obvious that a Python guru here
>> will be able to spot and that this n00b is missing!
> *IF* the problem is in the code, it would be easier to spot if you had
> removed large chunks of indentation before posting.
> Less is more: change "if (foo == 2):" to "if foo == 2:", "foo == True"
> to "foo", and "foo == False" to "not foo".
> Browse
> HTH,
> John
I tried os.path.join() under Windows XP and everything works as 
expected. The problem is in your script. You may use logger or use 
additional checks (John Machin wrote about this practice).


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