Python 3000 vs Perl 6

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Tue Jun 24 13:19:18 CEST 2008

cokofree... at
> I believe Python 3k will (when out of beta) will have a speed
> similar to what it has currently in 2.5, possibly with speed ups
> in some locations.

Python 3 uses by default unicode strings and multiprecision integers,
so a little slowdown is possible.

Michele Simionato:
> It is worth reminding that, in more than one sense, the most advanced
> language is the one with less features ...

I don't agree, Scheme or Brainfuck may have less features, but this
doesn't make them more advanced, it just makes programming with them
slower and more difficult. An advanced language is one that already
contains the most useful abstractions. For example Python has
generators and other things that are possible if you use Assembly too,
but having them pre-built in Python avoids me to use my limited brain
power to re-implement them from scratch, and I can focus on the
complex algorithm I am trying to implement. Once the Python program
works, I am then able to translate it to D/C too.
If you want to see an advanced language, you may take a look at
PyMeta, that's a bit of the future of the computer science:


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