NumPy chararray and whitespace

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Wed Jun 18 23:16:08 CEST 2008

OKB (not okblacke) wrote:
>     	Hi.  I'm trying to use NumPy's chararray class for an array of 
> characters.  I notice that when I try to set a chararray element to a 
> space, it actually gets set to an empty string.  I found some pages 
> online indicating that the chararray strips trailing whitespace from its 
> values.

You should ask numpy questions on the numpy mailing list.

>     	I am really, really, hoping this is not a hard-coded, unalterable 
> behavior.  Is there a way to get NumPy chararray to include the 
> characters I tell it to, without modificiation?

Sure. Just subclass chararray and redefine __getitem__ to do what you want.

Robert Kern

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