py2exe, PyQT, QtWebKit and jpeg problem

yang.zengguang at yang.zengguang at
Sun Jun 29 16:14:38 CEST 2008

On 6月20日, 下午11时04分, Carbonimax <carboni... at> wrote:
> hello
> I have a problem with py2exe and QtWebKit :
> I make a program with a QtWebKit view.
> If I launch the .py directly, all images (jpg, png) are displayed but
> if I compile it with py2exe I have only png images. No jpg !
> No error message, nothing.
> Have you a solution ? Thank you.

I have the same problem with you. I find a way to fix it:
1. Copy Qt plugins to the  directory: $YOUR_DIST_PATH/PyQt4/plugins;
2. Copy qt.conf to youar dist directory;
3. Edit qt.conf, change Prefix to $YOUR_DIST_PATH/PyQt4


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