An idiom for code generation with exec

eliben eliben at
Sat Jun 21 15:40:02 CEST 2008

> > I see. In my case I only evaluate function definitions with 'exec', so
> > I only need to de-indent the first line, and the others can be
> > indented because they're in a new scope anyway. What you suggest works
> > for arbitrary code and not only function definitions. It's a nice
> > trick with the "if 1:" :-)
> Have you actually profiled your code? Or are you just basing this
> assumptions on guesses?

First of all, I see absolutely no connection between your question and
the text you quote. Is there? Or did you pick one post randomly to
post your question on?

Second, yes - I have profiled my code.

Third, this is a very typical torture path one has to go through when
asking about code generation. It is true of almost all communities,
except Lisp, perhaps. You have to convince everyone that you have a
real reason to do what you do. The simple norm of getting a reply to
your question doesn't work when you get to code generation. I wonder
why is it so. How many people have been actually "burned" by bad code
generation techniques, and how many are just parroting "goto is evil"
because it's the accepted thing to say. This is an interesting point
to ponder.


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