Fast and easy GUI prototyping with Python

Sebastian "lunar" Wiesner basti.wiesner at
Mon Jun 23 21:34:34 CEST 2008

Michael Torrie <torriem at>:

> Pete Kirkham wrote:
>> 2008/6/21 Val-Amart <e.yunak at>:
>>> Use PyQt. You will gain great portability +all the functionality built
>>> in qt.
>>> You can try PyGTK also, though i wont recommend it.
>> Why would you not recommend it? I've been using it for a mall project,
>> and would like to know if there's some pit waiting for me to fall into.
> The only pitfall is Mac compatibility.  OS X support in GTK is still
> under development, and much harder to get running than Qt.  I guess one
> other minor thing is that on win32 it's not quite native-looking, but
> pretty darn close.

Just out of curiosity:  Does gtk's look also match Vista's look?

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