[Employment] New TurboGears Job in Eugene, OR

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Sat Jun 28 20:22:41 CEST 2008

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Paul McNett  <p at ulmcnett.com> wrote:
>Silas Snider wrote:
>> Full-time academic year position
>> Salary range: $2819 - $4404 per month ( $16.26 - $25.41 per hour)
>> The following knowledge, skills and experience are necessary for this
>> position:
>> Expert Python and SQL programming skills, and proficiency with
>> Javascript, CSS, XHTML and web standards. Professional experience with
>> open source projects, ideally using Turbogears and MySQL. Experience
>> with Mac OSX Server or other server administration. Familiarity with
>> version control. Skills using on-line documentation for open source
>> packages. Wide knowledge of open-source software and ability to find,
>> evaluate, learn and implement new open source technologies.
>They want an expert for a maximum of $25 per hour? If they find someone, 
>it'll be a pretty good bullshitter looking for experience.

Note that it's an "academic year" position -- lots and lots of vacation
time.  This would actually be a good job for e.g. a retired person who
doesn't need lots of money.  Also note that Eugene is not exactly an
area with a high cost of living.
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