Noob: finding my way around the docs...

kj socyl at
Thu Jun 19 23:06:09 CEST 2008

I'm a Python noob, and haven't yet figured out my way around the
Python documentation.

For example, suppose I learn about some great module,
and when I run the python interpreter and type "import",
lo and behold, it is already installed on our system, which means
that (knowing that our system is pretty bare-bones as far as python
goes) most likely is part of the standard python

So, if I were an experienced Pythonista, how would I go about
finding the documentation for

This situation happened most recently to me, if we replace
with xml.dom.ext.  It was indeed installed on our system, but I
could find no mention of it in

Somehow I have the feeling that there's some major stash of
documentation that I haven't learned about yet...

FWIW, I'm a Perlhead, and I'm very used (maybe too used) to the
fact that if the Perl module Foo::Bar::Baz is installed on our
system, all I need to do to read its full-blown documentation in
all its glory is to type "perldoc Foo::Bar::Baz" at the command
line.  Is there anything like this in Python?


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