Never mind folks, n00bie here forgot Python is case sensitive!

bsagert at bsagert at
Wed Jun 18 19:33:48 CEST 2008

On Jun 18, 10:18 am, Duncan Booth < at invalid.invalid>
> bsag... at wrote:
> > I downloaded from
> > being a n00bie, I
> > just placed it in my Windows c:\python25\lib\ file. When I type
> > "import beautifulsoup" from the interactive prompt it works like a
> > charm. This seemed too easy in retrospect.
> It might be better if you put the file in \python25\lib\site-packages\
> The same import will still work, but you probably want to avoid putting
> non-core files directly in \python25\lib.
> Also, it sounds like you renamed the file: "import beautifulsoup" should
> fail (the file is supposed to be called If you want to
> be able to install other software which has been written to use
> BeautifulSoup you'll need to make sure the case of the filename is correct.
> > Then I downloaded the PIL (Python Imaging Library) module from
> > Instead of a simple file that
> > BeautifulSoup sent me, PIL is an .exe that installed itself in c:
> > \python25\lib\site-packages\PIL\. However it won't load by typing
> > "import pil".
> > I know I am supposed to RTFM, but a Google search has not led to the
> > holy grail that Monty Python found. I realize that PIL is a package as
> > opposed to a simple script (and it does not include a readme file).
> > Thanks in advance for any help.
> Did you try "import PIL"? All module and package names in Python are case
> sensitive.

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