Alternative to Decimal type

Frank Millman frank at
Thu Jun 12 14:36:43 CEST 2008

On Jun 11, 11:48 am, Frank Millman <fr... at> wrote:
> Thanks to all for the various replies. They have all helped me to
> refine my ideas on the subject. These are my latest thoughts.
> My main concern is that my approach may be naive, and that I will run
> into situations that I have not catered for, resulting in errors. If
> this is the case, I will drop this like a hot potato and stick to the
> Decimal type. Can anyone point out any pitfalls I might be unaware of?
> I will be happy to show the code for the new Number class if anyone is
> interested.

Thanks again for all the really useful replies.

I will have a look at gmpy, and I will study closely.


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