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Pau Freixes pfreixes at
Fri Jun 13 16:44:14 CEST 2008

Hi list,

I'm thinking to spend my last credits* into my Universitiy writing a
unofficial and brief python internal paper. I'm crasy love with Python, non
only because it's a stupidly easy language, because when I'm programming I
have the opportunity to think how is implemented :)

My idea is write some behind this head lines :
 - Virtual Machine : byte code, stack code and data segments
 - Performance model : GIL, interpreters, sub interpreters, thread model
 - Object representation  : how one object is in memory, basic objects,
functions, modules and classes
 - Memory management : object references, allocation, garbage collector

 my question it's exists some paper or book with this themes ?

* Credits : it's a quantitative value related with hours in Spanish


Pau Freixes
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