Communication between Python and PHP

Larry Bates larry.bates at`
Wed Jun 25 22:50:02 CEST 2008

nicodotti2 wrote:
> Don't ask me why, but we have a bunch of legacy code in PHP on a
> server and a wee-bit of Python code for integrating GData google
> calendar services. We now need to build a way of sending messages
> between them. The general flow is:
> PHP Web Page(on apache) ---> Python Gdata Consumer -----> Gdata
> and then json is returned back like:
> PHP Web Page<----json data---- Pthon Gdata Consumer
> So I tried to convince my boss to let me use the python c extension to
> write a native bridge but 'no dice'. He also does not want anything
> 'experimental' so pyphp is out. He'd like me to basically have them
> communicate by passing the json via http/apache - so in essence, I'll
> have to make (what I feel) are very expensive calls between two
> objects that, in a perfect world, would be on the same machine in the
> same language! I see this as a potential bottleneck. Any suggestions?
> I have to start prototyping this today so the sooner the better, um,
> please ;) Thanks gurus out there.

Use sockets.  They are efficient and both languages have good implementations.


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