Dumb idea?

A.T.Hofkamp hat at se-162.se.wtb.tue.nl
Wed Jun 11 12:45:02 CEST 2008

On 2008-06-10, Peter Hunt <floydophone at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone -
> I like playing around with language syntax and semantics. I'm thinking
> about pulling down the PyPy code and messing around to see what I can
> accomplish. My first idea is most succinctly described by example:
> class IBlockProtocol:
>     def __block__(self, func):
>         # NO RETURN VALUES!
>         pass

You have lost me here.
What is this supposed to be doing? To me you introduce a new magic __block__
function in a class that does nothing.

And then you go on and on with implementation details and mappings of some
BlockProtocol to other syntax without an explanation of what you are blocking
(in English text), or what you aim to achieve by blocking.

In other words, your post is to me the same as

class A(object):
    def q(self, t):
        # do nothing

and the question "did anybody invent q_protocol" already?

Your guess is as good as mine (and probably better since you have a semantics
for the blocking protocol in the back of your mind).


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