Mako vs. Cheetah?

John Salerno johnjsal at
Sun Jun 29 05:08:52 CEST 2008

Tim Roberts wrote:
> "John Salerno" <johnjsal at> wrote:
>> Is it correct to say that Mako allows you to embed Python code within HTML, 
>> whereas Cheetah requires a certain amount of "tweaking" of Python code so 
>> that it isn't really code you could just run independently in the 
>> interpreter?
>> I'm getting that impression from what I see so far. 
> What gives you that impression?  I'm just curious.  Other than the special
> characters used, my impression is that the two are far more similar than
> they are different.

Well, that opinion was based mostly on my initial exposure to each one. 
The main reason was that Cheetah seems to require a lot of $ signs, even 
in the Pyton code itself, such as:

for $thing in $things: etc....

whereas with Mako you can just write straight Python code. Overall I 
think I'm liking Mako better, which is fine since I want to learn Pylons 
and it's the default. :)

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