Improving datetime

Christian Heimes lists at
Wed Mar 19 21:30:57 CET 2008

Nicholas F. Fabry schrieb:
> This is a query for information as to how to proceed.  I am not a  
> professional programmer, but I use Python a great deal to help me in  
> my main job, which involves designing schedules for a global airline.   
> As such, I use datetime (and dateutil) extensively, and after much  
> use, I have come to some conclusions about their utility, and how to  
> improve them.  Some of these changes are quite minor and would result  
> in a large increase in utility (low hanging fruit), while some changes  
> are major, and would result in less obvious benefits - but these  
> changes would increase the 'Python Zen' of them.
> So - where should I propose these changes?  Here?  python-dev?  Should  
> I write up a full PEP or should I just give a more informal outline  
> with code samples?  I would volunteer to help maintain/improve  
> datetime, but I don't speak C at all, unfortunately, and datetime  
> appears to be in C.

Please write a detailed but not too long proposal to the Python ideas 
mailing list. The proposal should explain how you like to improve the 
datetime module. But *please* don't write a novel. You'll get more 
attention when the signal to noise ratio is high. A bullet list of 
features is easier to read than a long text block.

I'm a core developer and I may be interested in mentoring your proposal. 
I can guide you through the process, review code and commit it.

Yes, the datetime module is written in C. But we may move the C code to 
_datetime and create a facade module in Python.


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