Does python hate cathy?

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Tue Mar 25 06:49:01 CET 2008

En Tue, 25 Mar 2008 02:09:58 -0300, Edward A. Falk <falk at>  

> However, Adding
> 	self.myclass = Person
> to the __init__() method didn't stop the problem.  I thought it might,  
> because
> then each of the objects would have held a reference to Person.   
> Actually, I would
> have thought they'd hold a reference by merely existing, so is this not  
> a bug?

Yes, they already have a reference (self.__class__). The problem is that  
__del__ references Person by *name*, and that name is reset to None (like  
all other module globals) as part of the interpreter shutdown sequence.
Using self.__class__ would avoid this particular bug, but in general, it's  
better not to rely on __del__ at all.

See and

Gabriel Genellina

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