News from Jython world

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Tue Mar 4 13:41:51 CET 2008

On Mar 3, 6:40 pm, Sébastien Boisgérault
<Sebastien.Boisgera... at> wrote:
> Frank Wierzbicki and Ted Leung have been hired by Sun. Frank is a
> key Jython developer and is specifically hired to work full time on
> Jython, a version of the Python interpreter that runs on top of the
> JVM and provides full access to Java libraries. After a period where
> the development had slowed, Jython was recently getting seriously
> back on track. Now it's getting even better !

Development on Jython over the last year or so has been superb, and
it's good to see that Sun are getting really focused on dynamic
languages on the JVM. It may be that they are trying to play keep-up
with Microsoft and their support of IronPython - but regardless of the
reasons it is good news for Jython and Frank W, and for the Python
community in general.

A Sun endorsement of Jython means the possibility of more Python jobs
out there for us all in the future given the ubiquity of the JVM in
the enterprise and willingness of corporations to accept such


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