ANN: EasyExtend 3.0 - beta1 released

Kay Schluehr kay.schluehr at
Tue Mar 4 09:48:48 CET 2008

After more than half a year of work I released the first beta of
EasyExtend 3.0 today. EasyExtend 3.0 is the second major redesign of
EasyExtend. To gain more power and simplicity I implemented a new
parser generator from the scratch called "Trail". Trail unifies
several aspects of EasyExtend. It is the fundament of both the EE 3.0
tokenizer and the parser. It is used to validate parse trees against
grammars and it is used for parse tree synthesis.

Besides Trail other new aspects of EE 3.0 are

    * User defined file suffixes are recognized by the import
    * Framework extension that supports facilitation of writing user
defined tokenizers
    * Simplification of access to tokenizer and parser from individual
extension languages ( langlets ).
    * Improved stability of the CST transformation process and
improved debugging facilities

Currently EasyExtend 3.0 does not support several extension languages
being described on the home page. Some of them like the macro langlet
will be reimplemented in EasyExtend 3.1 using Trail techniques and a
new persistence layer called Others will be upgraded until
the final release of EasyExtend 3.0.


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