Installing Mutagen Package On Windows

Benjamin Serrato benjamin.serrato at g[^_^]
Mon Mar 24 07:25:02 CET 2008

Hey, I've run into another problem. I am trying to install the Mutagen 
package to use as my first useful program, but can't figure out how to 
install it on windows. The README says it is a simple application of--

  $ ./ build
  $ su -c "./ install"

--but I ran c:\>python c:\python25\tools\scripts\ build and did 
similarly for I also added c:\python25 and 
c:\python25\tools\scripts to my path, but this hasn't worked. I have 
heard of 'easy_install' but don't know how to run easy_install. So, I 
ask for a reference because Google did not give me a quick answer and 
the explanation at PEP 250 doesn't really explain what I 
should do.

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