Licence confusion: distributing MSVC?71.DLL

Tom Wright tew24 at
Thu Mar 6 11:33:41 CET 2008


I've written a program in Python using wxPython and Matplotlib and would
like to distribute it under the GPL.  For ease of use, I'd also like to
distribute and installable version for Windows, but this needs MSVCR71.dll
and MSVCP71.dll to work.  I've created an installer using py2exe and Inno
Setup but I don't know if I'm allowed to distribute it or not.  I've found
lots of conflicting opinions online indicating that I can or cannot
distribute these, but no definitive answer.

The Microsoft Developer Network instructs me to read the redistribution
instructions and the EULA which come with Visual Studio, but I don't have
visual studio, so that's next to useless.

If someone has worked their way through this maze before and has an answer,
I'd be keen to hear it.  Failing that, if you have Visual Studio and it's
not a violation of the licence terms to post the licence and redistribution
instructions here, could you possibly do so and I'll see if I can work out
what's allowed.


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