Distributed App - C++ with Python for Portability?

Diez B. Roggisch deets at nospam.web.de
Mon Mar 10 12:57:44 CET 2008

Roopan wrote:

> Hello!
> I am looking at developing an enterprise-grade distributed data
> sharing application - key requirements are productivity and platform
> portability.
> Will it be sensible to use C++ for performance-critical sections and
> Python for all the glue logic.
> Pls comment from your *experiences* how Python scales to large
> projects( > 200KLOC).
> I assume the C++/Python binding is fairly painless.

It depends. There are good wrappers out there, I personally prefer SIP.
However, a mixed language environment is always a PITA, especially for

If you can, write everything in python. Identify bottlenecks, and if you
must, I suggest using C + ctypes for performance-critical code.

Obviously it's a matter of taste, but C++ is a beast, and getting it to work
seamless under varying compilers and OSes could be avoided using plain C.


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