Licence confusion: distributing MSVC?71.DLL

jim-on-linux inq1ltd at
Thu Mar 6 16:19:03 CET 2008

> > If someone has worked their way through
> > this maze before and has an answer, I'd
> > be keen to hear it.

This is what someone wrote  on 1-21-2007
to this help site about this pain in the a... 
MSVCR71 stuff.

" I believe this problem doesn't exist. 
Licensees of Python are permitted
to redistribute mscvr71.dll, as long as they 
redistribute it in order
to support pythonxy.dll. The EULA says

# You also agree not to permit further 
distribution of the
# Redistributables by your end users except 
you may permit further
# redistribution of the Redistributables by 
your distributors to your
# end-user customers if your distributors 
only distribute the
# Redistributables in conjunction with, and 
as part of, the Licensee
# Software, you comply with all other terms 
of this EULA, and your
# distributors comply with all restrictions 
of this EULA that are
# applicable to you.

In this text, "you" is the licensee of VS 
2003 (i.e. me, redistributing
msvcr71.dll as part of Python 2.5), and the 
"Redistributable" is
msvcr71.dll. The "Licensee Software" is "a 
software application product
developed by you that adds significant and 
primary functionality to the
Redistributables", i.e. python25.dll.

IANAL; this is not legal advise."


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