Comunicate processes with python

Adrián Bravo Navarro adrianbn at
Mon Mar 17 22:16:16 CET 2008


let me introduce ourselves first. We are a smallish group of students
working on a open source snapshot/backup system ( or We are using python for almost all of the
code and for all of us this is the first python project we develop. At this
point I must say that we are really happy with python, as it is a fast
learning and easy language.

Now I've just bored most of you, I would like to make a question to the
list. Let me portray the scenario:

We have a daemon (hdloreand) running. We also have a console so you can send
commands to the daemon and retrieve some info. At this moment, that console
is connecting to the daemon via Dbus. We would like to avoid this, because
it will solve some collateral problemas as well as will guarantee that the
comunication will work when no X server and no dbus session is running.

Is there any simple way to achieve this goal? We've been thinking of sockets
but Im not conviced at all with that.


PS: Im sorry for my english.
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