Pb with 2.5.2 & PyScripter

Colin J. Williams fn681 at ncf.ca
Sat Mar 1 22:58:49 CET 2008

Méta-MCI (MVP) wrote:
> Re!
> An exemple. With this script:
>    a=123
>    b=456
>    d=a+b+c
> (note than 'c' is not defined).
> When I run, inside Pyscripter, the error-dialog is showed, and, one 
> second after, PyScripter is closed.
> This problem is present since Python 2.5.2.
> I search, for know if it's a problem only on my computer, or a more 
> general problem.
> Thanks by advance for your(s) answer(s).
> @-salutations
I ran your script and an 
exception.NameError is reported.

I say OK to the error and repeat the 
run.  PyScripter is not closed.

This is with xp and Python 2.5.2

Colin W.

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