Multi Threading Problem with Python + Django + PostgreSQL.

Pradip pradipbhosale at
Mon Mar 31 15:28:03 CEST 2008

Hello every body. I am new to this forum and also in Python.
Read many things about multi threading in python. But still having

I am using Django Framework with Python having PostgreSQL as backend
database with Linux OS. My applications are long running. I am using
The problem I am facing is that the connections that are being created
for database(postgres) update are not getting closed even though my
threads had returned and updated database successfully. It is not like
that the connections are not being reused. They r being reused but
after sometime new one is created. Like this it creates too many
connections and hence exceeding MAX_CONNECTION limit of postgres conf.

** I am using psycopg2 as adaptor for python to postgres connection.
which itself handles the connections(open/close)

Now the problem is with Django / Python / psycopg2 or any thing else??


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