Dual look-up on keys?

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Wed Mar 5 23:00:57 CET 2008

On 2008-03-05, castironpi at gmail.com <castironpi at gmail.com> wrote:

>>>>> I want to hash values to keys.  How do the alternatives compare?
>>> ... without extending the whole way to a full relational database?
>> You didn't bother following the link and reading the advice, did you? If
>> you did, you haven't done a good job of following that advice.
> Well, obviously there's someone who's interested in computers and
> programming that has a question.

It may be  obvious that he has a question.  It's not the least
bit obvious what that question is.

> Communication is not his forte, but effort, willingness,
> devotion, and dedication are.  What should he do, and what
> should the others, who are gifted speakers?

He should spend less time trying to generate "gifted speach"
and more time learning how to ask an understandable, meaningful
question.  The link which you ignored explains how to do that.

In your original post, it's not very clear what you mean by
"hash values to keys" means nor what alternatives you're asking
about. If you're trying to learn about hashing algorithms, then
google "hashing algorithms" and read the first half-dozen hits.

The first two are Wikipedia articles which are both quite good
and are almost certainly available in your native lanauge.

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