genetic algors in practical application

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> I want to go in to construction.  However, 'I' means 'newsgroup' and
> 'want to go' means 'is'.
> If you had an army of two-micron spiders, could we build something?
> Use case is an American skyscraper.
> They have powerful tricks.  Clearly they can withstand a force.  These
> can withstand more combined, greater-than-minimum.  What is their
> command set?
> Braid.  Hoist.  Vine power and waste.  Charge, double-pump circuit.
> Round-trip a dollar.  I said round.  (What's the square trip.)
> You do know that the brain has seven trillion atoms, right?  Mass of
> water.
> You know, combine 'muscle fiber' with 'inhibition, excitation' and
> 'motor neuron circuit', and you might be on to something, and you
> might be right.  Here's free from Neuro.  'Each motor neuron synapses
> with multiple muscle fibers. .. Cross section through the muscle shows
> the distribution of muscle fibers (red dots) contacted by the motor
> neuron.'  Power-- Tools.  Note that 'synapse' verb.  Written English
> folks.  'myelin debris' too.
> Is your concern the actual construction of the nanospiders
> (interesting side note), or programming it?  Get a team of programmers
> too.  Who asked for the 'Python d.j. console'?  Did -uuu- put that on
> line.

I'd like to destruct a little English:

pose, L., from pause.  compose, depose, (de-com-pose?), dispose,
expose, impose, opose, prepose, propose, repose, transpose, suppose.

Stack a structure is a really useful operation.  If structures are all
guaranteed to compose with one another (is this generators?), you can
pop several off, add yours, and push several on.  But, where functions
are structures, could leave several information.  "Sometimes I call my
generator twice."  I'm a GA, q.e.d.  Do I correctly read, 'decline to
use send and return of yield'?  (Can't be right; it's in there; what
do you use it?)  What are you guys sending generators?

I think a successful machine takes-impressions the environment, and
recomposes it: digest, regest, repose.  Three cells interface, tower-
of-hanoi each other, and on their way.

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