sendmail should throw an exception but does not

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Tue Mar 25 16:04:09 CET 2008

Clodoaldo napisał(a):

> That email address is used to register in a site. I'm already doing
> the confirmation email path. The confirmation email prevents someone
> to register with a forged email but also prevents those who simple
> don't know exactly what their email is. Yes the email must be typed
> twice but still people get the email wrong just because they don't
> know for sure what it is. I can see it clearly when they mistype the
> correct domain.
> It happens that atracting those people is expensive and i can't afford
> to loose them. Thats why i would like to check the email at
> registration time. Also those who try to register with a forged email
> would learn that the email must be confirmed and could then issue a
> correct email.
> I guess it is not possible or is too complex because i never saw it done.

Good guess -- this is not possible until you (or your server) actually
send an email.

You can send a big "THANKYOU" to spammers, because their activity caused
nearly all mail server admins to disable VRFY command that is supposed
to do what you need.

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