SoC project: Python-Haskell bridge - request for feedback

Paul Rubin http
Fri Mar 28 07:32:55 CET 2008

malkarouri <malkarouri at> writes:
> FWIW, I find #1 more interesting for me personally.
> As a monad-challenged person, I find it much easier to develop
> components using pure functional programming in a language like
> Haskell and do all my I/O in Python than having it the other way
> round.

Haskell i/o is not that complicated, and monads are used in pure
computation as well as for i/o.  Without getting technical, monads are
the bicycles that Haskell uses to get values from one place to another
in the right order.  They are scary at first, but once you get a
little practice riding them, the understanding stays with you and
makes perfect sense.

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