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Jonathan Gardner jgardner at
Fri Mar 21 20:18:57 CET 2008

On Mar 21, 4:48 am, fkallgren <fkallg... at> wrote:
> Hi.
> I have a little problem. I have a script that is in the scheduler
> (win32). But every now and then I update this script and I dont want
> to go to every computer and update it. So now I want the program to 1)
> check for new version of the script, 2) if there is a new version,
> copy that verision from server to local drive, 3) shutdown the program
> and start it up again as the new version.
> The problem is that I can't run this script directly from server so it
> have to run it locally.
> Anyone having any bright ideas??

Allow me to differ with all of the previous posts...

Why don't you setup an SVN repository (or Git or DARCS, etc...) that
has the current version you want to run? Then, execute the script in
two steps:

1) Update the local copy from the repository
2) Run the script

The only hard part is writing the script to do the above two things.
Of course, that can be done with a python script (but if you were in
the Unix world, I would suggest a shell script.)

Or you can separate out the two steps. Update the SVN version once a
day, or once and hour, or something like that.

In general, my gut says to avoid writing new code when you can get
away with it.

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