Python PDF + Pictures

durumdara at durumdara at
Tue Mar 11 10:00:12 CET 2008

Hi, dear Python Masters!

I wanna ask about the Python and PDF creating.

I have many photos, and I wanna make some "presentation" from these 
photos, a "thumbnail" like document with one image per one page.

If I wanna make one document now I do this:
I execute a python script that create a html site with resized pictures, 
and split this html site to 50 images per one html file.
Next I open these files in OpenOffice Writer by hand, and save them as 
PDF document with poor quality (image compression 95%, image DPI 75).
This generates a medium sized PDF documents (2,5 - 5,6 MB for each) that 
can opened everywhere (because of PDF format).

But I wanna automatize this process with python.
The technic that I will use is this:
1.) Collect the files in dirs.
2.) I process one dir in one time.
3.) I get the files.
4.) I resize them to max. 1024/768.
5.) I put the actual image file to the PDF document.
6.) After each 50. file I open new numbered PDF.
7.) Every picture placed in one page, and every page orientation set up 
as the picture orientation (Portrait or Landscape).

The PDF must be parameterized to image compression 95%, and 75 or 96 DPI.

Do you knows about a PDF maker library with I can make this thing?

Or other technic to simplify the making?

Thanks for your help!

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