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Christian Kortenhorst namit at
Tue Mar 4 05:28:24 CET 2008

Hey just wondering could anyone help me

Have script that runs through cron but seams to run but xen-create-image
goes to end but shoes up errors because some stuff it not being passed.
        # RUN all the Create ENVIRONMNET commands here
            run="/usr/bin/xen-create-image --hostname=%s --ip=%s" %
(hostname, ipadd[0])
            print run;
                for file in fs:
                    error = error + file

If run just ./ it works ok and outputs
en:/var/www/apache2-default# ./
Grabbing Jobs
running create
Jobs runnning....
Creating environment ckortenhorst1
/usr/bin/xen-create-image --hostname=ckortenhorst1 --ip=

Can anyone help

Christian Kortenhorst
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