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> Just to help clear up my own understanding of this discussion, this 
> is basically a language that obfuscates details and makes low-level 
> decisions in a "average-best" way, and thus allows for lazy people 
> to write kind of decent code quickly?

Change "obfuscates details" to focuses on the right level of detail.
C's details are too low.  Python ignores details to the point that you
don't find dumb type-casting mistakes until the code is actually being

"makes low-level decisions in a "average-best" way,"  Yes, just like how
CPython is considered slow because of it's silly garbage collecting, too
dynamically typed to be optimized, paradigm.

> allows for lazy people to write kind of decent code quickly?
No, it's not at all like a usenet group or mailing list where people are
too lazy to post kind of thought out comments.  ;-)

The whole point of coding is to implement a requirement.  A requirement
is tied back to a business case, and a business case is an idea on how
to get people to give you money in return for your service or product.
Any code that doesn't directly implement the business case is 'overhead'
(such as memory management, having to execute every single line of your
Python code in order to catch type mismatches instead of having a
compiler find such things early in development, having to write
verbose|obfuscated syntax that requires more debugging since it's so
verbose|obfuscated, responding to trolls, etc.)

In theory, it follows the "less is more" strategy but without crossing
the line into anarchy or the Wild West (i.e., no type checking,) while
not being so syntactically brief as to look like hieroglyphics.


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