Anomaly in time.clock()

Craig craigm3604 at
Sun Mar 23 03:08:34 CET 2008

On Mar 22, 10:03 pm, Tim Roberts <t... at> wrote:
> Godzilla <godzillais... at> wrote:
> >Just found out that win32api.GetTickCount() returns a tick count in
> >milli-second since XP started. Not sure whether that is reliable.
> >Anyone uses that for calculating elapsed time?
> What do you mean by "reliable"?  The tick count is updated as part of
> scheduling during timer interrupts.  As long as no one disables interrupts
> for more than about 15ms, it is reliable.
> However, it's only a 32-bit value, so the number rolls over every 49 days.
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Try getting XP or Vista to stay up for 49 days. I have had Vista stay
up for a little over 11 days. If it doesn't crash, it will have to be
rebooted for some update or other.

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