Pycon disappointment

Jacob Kaplan-Moss jacob.kaplanmoss at
Sun Mar 16 16:56:39 CET 2008

On Mar 16, 6:10 am, Bruce Eckel < at> wrote:
> But it gets worse. The lightning talks, traditionally the best, newest
> and edgiest part of the conference, were also sold like commercial air
> time.

Thanks for being harsh here, Bruce. I've been responsible for
organizing the lightning talks at PyCon over the past few years and
Saturday's talks -- where a grand total of four community talks were
given between twelve sponsor talks -- was the low point. I volunteer
to run the lightning talks because they're usually by *far* my
favorite time of the conference. Yesterday wasn't.

> What was supremely frustrating was discovering that the people wanting
> to give REAL lightning talks had been pushed off the end of the list
> by this guarantee to vendors. We didn't get to see the good stuff, the
> real stuff, because that time had been sold.

Tell me about it. I felt like crap putting up a sign-up sheet with
four names on it.

Again, thanks for your harsh words, Bruce. Needed to be said.


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